build your brand in 6 months

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everything you need to transform your brand from idea to finished product

October 1, 2020 - April 1, 2021

February 1, 2021 - August 1, 2021


June 1, 2021 - December 1, 2021



about this course

mentorship to take you from idea to launch


transform your brand from idea to finished product

A step by step 6 month plan to make your brand a reality. I am on a mission to help get you to the finish line. This course includes everything you need to get stared building your brand. From cultivating your brands marketing plan, to finding suppliers and getting your product made, to selling in stores and to customers - we cover it all!


one on one help

The masterclass offers 25 weeks of LIVE and interactive weekly classes, weekly office hours for help if you get stuck along the way, and access to my rolodex of industry professionals for additional help and mentorship.


What You Get

Live Weekly Lessons


Once a week live lessons taught by Melanie, with special industry guest speakers.

Access To The Master Mind


A private group for all course members to connect, network, share resources, and support.

Office Hours


Once a week Melanie will host office hours as an opportunity for brands to ask for help .

Melanie's Personal Supplier List


My personal Rolodex of ethical and sustainable suppliers from all over the world.

Profesional Templates


Everything from how to email a factory and sound profesional to how to create a line sheet.

One on One Consultation


1 hour of private one on one consultation with Melanie to help build your brand.

25 Week Syllabus

Week 1:
Finding Your Niche

How to fine tune your product and find your customer

Week 2:

How to set up a budget and write a business plan

Week 3:

How to find funding and finance your small business

Week 4:

What's in a name? Crafting your brand image

Week 5:
Product Planning

What should you design?

Week 6:
Intro To Fashion Design

Crash course in clothing design

Week 7:
Fabric Sourcing

Finding the perfect fabrics

Week 8:
Sourcing Partners

This is where I hand over my personal list of industry contacts

Week 9:
Tech Packs

And, how to communicate with a factory

Week 10:

Demystifying industry talk

Week 11:
Sourcing Details

Labels, hang tags, and all the extras

Week 12:

Finding the perfect bags, boxes, and more

Week 13:

Writing your first PO - complete with templates

Week 14:
Website Design

How to start selling online in less than 1 hour

Week 15:

How I rank #1 in Google search results

Week 16:
Product Photography

How to take professional DIY photos

Week 17:
Sales Tools

Line sheets, look books, brand books, and more

Week 18:
Finding Your Customers

How to start selling your product

Week 19:

How to hire showrooms and sales agents

Week 20:

Navigating tradeshows, and the art of the cold call

Week 21:
Retail 101

Deciding what sales channels are right for you

Week 22:

How I got myself featured in Forbes, Business of Fashion, spoke at SXSW, and more

Week 23:

How to create ads that convert into sales

Week 24:

The basics of email marketing, sales funnels, and connecting with your customer

Week 25:

How to grow your brand bigger and better


What are you waiting for?