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Hi, I'm Katelyn. I am a photographer in San Antonio, Texas and just had my second daughter. I love how this skirt makes me feel pretty, it's so different than my normal t-shirt and jeans look.


I spent the week in Northern California. This photo was taken getting ready for my cousins wedding. Since I was the Maid Of Honor I had a good amount of responsibilities for the big day. The wedding wasn’t until 5 but we started our pampering around 9am. I went first so I could be hands on with any “issues” that popped up. This dress was perfect to hang out in all day and when it was time to change into our bridesmaids dresses I was able to get it off without ruining my hair and make up that was done 5 hours earlier!


I spent this past weekend in East Hampton with some friends. I love, love, love being by the beach and there is no place better than being out east during summer in NY. I wore this dress for a relaxed picnic by the water and stopped to smell some flowers on the way.

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